Friday, April 1, 2011

Shot list

Shot list

Camera movement
Close up
No movement
Hammad’s room
Hammad turns over and drops he alarm clock after it starts ringing
Close up
Hand held
Karar’s room
Karar is shown waking up
Mid and wide shot
Hand held
 Karar’s room
Karar wakes up and fixes his disheveled hair while getting out of the bed
Mid shot
Hand held
Karar’s room
Karar walks toward his bathroom.
Close up
Hand held
Karar’s room
Karar shut the door of his bathroom
Mid shot/High angle
Steady cam
Hammad’s room
Hammad opens the cupboard
Long shot of Hammad and Mid shot of Karar
Steady cam and Handheld. In Karar’s shot the camera pans in closer to the subject
Hammad’s room and Karar’s Bathroom
Hammad buttons up his shirt and fixes his disheveled hair while Karar fixes his hair, uses perfume and wears a watch.
Close up of Karar
Hand held
Karar’s bathroom
Karar picks up his cell phones
Close up of cell phone
Hand held
Karar’s bathroom
Karar checks his cell phone
Close up
Hand held and steady cam
Karar’s bathroom
Karar puts his phone in the bathroom and Hammad picks up the file.
Long shot
Hand held and steady cam
Hammad’s room and Karar’s Bathroom
Karar leaves the bathroom and Hammad leaves the room.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Location of Karar's Shots

Below is the location of the shots of Karar's. As compared to previous location, this is more appealing and elaborated and the room perfectly suits the personality of our second charcter.

The venue used for Karar's shot is again Arif's house.

Storyboard and characters



A loner who begins his morning routine anticipating a dull and boring day in his new college. 

A popular and a rich boy who dresses up excitedly for his first day in his new college

Central idea:

Both boys from different social background and groups clash in a single college.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Premiere of the first version and adding another character

Above is the video which shows a morning routine of one character. However on Viewing this movie in premiere which was held in our school, we realized that students found it too slow and dull.

Therefore to add in some changes, we decided to show the morning routine of two characters instead of one. therefore the next character in our movie is Karar to whom we will show rich and dominating as compared to Hammad.

Therefore we made the storyboard and started our shoot. Most of the shots of Karar were handheld as are shown in various drama opening sequence.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Plot of the final Opening title

This movie is about a man named Hammad who lived a monotonous life to please everyone around him. Recent circumstances come up that angers everyone he knows and drives them away from him. This is about his journey from isolation to self actualization and how he seeks for his own desires and solicitation after he is fired from his job and deserted by the woman he loves.

An A level student named Hammad Haroon Khan

Arif Zaheer's House

Research and survey

Here we moved on to the next step by surveying our audience. the genre we finally decided on was drama and we wanted to see how will our target audience respond to it. We are making a movie in which we are representing teenager. We used survey monkey to make an online survey's as we thought that the people will prefer filling in surveys online rather than on paper. Also compiling and tabulating results would also become easy. Most of the A levels students have filled in the online survey and we have received around 50 responses.

 Below are the fixed choice and open ended questions used and the answers we received.